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Elegance Retirement Plan


Rs. 500,000


1 Years


Rs. 700,000



At Green Life, we understand the significance of a comfortable and worry-free retirement. The Green Life Elegance Retirement Plan is specially crafted for retired individuals like you, offering the perfect blend of financial stability and peace of mind. With attractive monthly benefits and a short agreement period, this investment plan is designed to help you embrace retirement with elegance and confidence.

Agreement Period: 1 Year

The Green Life Elegance Retirement Plan is centered around flexibility and convenience. With a one-year agreement period, we provide you with the freedom to access your returns and utilize them according to your changing needs. This short-term commitment ensures that you can confidently plan for your immediate financial requirements while securing your future.

Minimum Amount: Rs. 100,000

Your retirement deserves to be rewarding and fulfilling. With a minimum contribution requirement of just Rs. 100,000, the Greenlife Elegance Retirement Plan is accessible to retired individuals from all walks of life. Your contribution in this plan not only provides you with financial security but also empowers you to make the most of your retirement years.

Secure Legal Agreement and Lease Deed

At Green Life, transparency and trust are the cornerstones of our approach. As part of the Green Life Elegance Retirement Plan, we offer a comprehensive legal agreement and lease deed, tailored to your contribution amount. This ensures that your contribution is secure and legally protected, providing you with peace of mind and a worry-free retirement experience.

Monthly Benefit: Embrace Financial Security

The Green Life Elegance Retirement Plan is designed to provide you with a reliable and consistent source of income. With attractive monthly benefits, you can enjoy financial security throughout your retirement. This monthly benefit is a testament to our commitment to your well-being and comfort during this special phase of life.

Embrace Retirement with Green Life Elegance Retirement Plan

Retirement is a time for you to enjoy the fruits of your labor and indulge in your passions. The Greenlife Elegance Retirement Plan is your gateway to a graceful and secure retirement. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing personalized assistance, keeping you informed about your investment progress, and ensuring a seamless and rewarding retirement experience.

Invest in Green Life Elegance Retirement Plan and embrace retirement with grace and financial security.

Contribute wisely. Contribute in Green Life Elegance Retirement Plan.